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Ms Humdrum recommends Clean Deodorant Balm, available at Southsea Bathing Hut

Let me start by saying I'm a Mitchum Girl. Those of you who recognise the name will know the safety promised (and delivered) by that green container. You won't sweat. You won't smell. Most of us probably aren't sweaty Betties, but the confidence offered by Mitchum keeps us purchasing. It's actually an antiperspirant-deodorant, a deodorant hiding BO and an antiperspirant preventing sweating. These green (ironic) scent-sentries lining up are recyclable in most areas, but still they add up. I am not an eco-warrior as such, but I am trying to be aware of what I consume. But I don't want to smell. So it was with a heavy pit that I made the decision to try out a natural deodorant brand which didn't contain nasties, was ethically created and, most of all, worked. 

I love Southsea Bathing Hut's own facial oil (reviewed here) and the chocolate lip balm they sell. Mr Humdrum loves their stuff (also in my review) so they were my first stop for a suitable product. S…

A walk from Portchester Castle to Salt Cafe

Well we just had to choose the worst day of the year to walk. The date had been set weeks before - who knew there would be the worst winds of the decade almost on this very day? But we didn't want to be beaten. We will walk to the cafe. At least it wasn't raining!

Parking is free next the castle and obviously, it wasn't busy this day! We set off around the outside of this medieval monument. The sea wall affords views across to Portsmouth and Gosport, and Portsdown Hill if you look behind. You can see the Spinnaker Tower in my photos, but you'd have to zoom in. The sea wall leads to a walk along a path, switching between grass (a much more sheltered area) beside a playpark, and the beach. It is an easy, flat walk, made slightly harder in the wind. After 1.75 miles, you reach the Salt Cafe (@saltcafe66). This took us one hour - that wind did slow us down!

I've had a breakfast bap there before and remember it being delicious, but slightly expensive. But today, we went f…

Book review - Big Little Lies (and other books) - Liane Moriarty

"Oh, she 's very popular this summer," a Waterstones assistant tells me as I go into try to buy this for my friend's birthday. I end up choosing Nine Perfect Strangers for her instead, which I've also read, along with Three Wishes. I am a ex-booker, now a Kindler. (I have long since abandoned my crowd-led exclamations of "Oh it's just not the same as holding a book in your hands" etc. In fact, I've come to realise that I don't want to store another book in the house, or pack it off to the charity shop/save for the next car boot sale - I just want to READ the bloody thing. And my latest infliction, an arthritic thumb, sometimes makes holding books very painful, believe it or not. And I do buy the books that are important to me - like the latest Harry Hole or Rebus books. OK why did I need to justify all of that?) 

One of my things with being a Kindler is that I just find another book from the same author, purchase, rinse and repeat. I ended up…

Ms Humdrum recommends... The B-52s

The B-52s - Hurry up and bring your jukebox money!
London Apollo, Sunday 30 June 2019

It's been a week since we saw them and my opinion is still the same - one of the best live shows I've ever seen. Here's why.

I first like to explain what sort of a fan I am. Mr Humdrum is more the fan that I am, although I'm quite familiar with most of their albums. I knew (and loved) Rock Lobster and Planet Claire from my local nightclub in the 80s and much preferred the earlier stuff to the poppier Love Shack/Roam singles.

Off we popped last Sunday to the Hammersmith Apollo, via the Rik Mayall Bottom bench. What a venue (the Apollo not the bench!) - art deco, built in 1932 and currently in a gorgeous shade of green. A stunning bar leads into the (last week seated) venue. Late tickets equal restricted view, but we found a spot between two pillars and I managed to see quite a bit more than I usually can at gigs, being of slightly smaller stature than the majority of the audience. I did re…

New plan - eating earlier?

Reader, it's been six weeks since I last blogged about my Slimming World journey. I had great plans for the Summer 1 term - I was going to get ON IT and get down to that stone. But, no. Oh well, onwards and ... sort of downwards. I am slowly getting there. I have bought another 12 week countdown which ends when I go on holiday to Cornwall in the summer. I ought to get to 1.5 stones at least by then. That's my aim. 

Here's a pic of my dad's famous leek and potato soup and it is delicious. The only thing with soup is that you need to eat it with bread! I don't like not using my HEB for breakfast, so I can't switch around the bread then, but I suppose I could eat an omelette or bacon and eggs for breakfast! 

I have just spotted another recipe for spicy chicken and veg soup, and I have decided to make it on a football day. If it's on a weigh-in day, I could also sneak in some no-knead bread that I fancy making. Watch this space ...

My (small) health concerns have …

Cold water immersion, one year on

A year ago, some bright spark decided we should dip in the sea for fun. I blogged about it here. A year on, what have we learned?

This is what we'd learned three weeks in - let's update!

We have learned that you need to boil the kettle before setting off to swim. Yes, that's a habit now. We have two cups of tea (she a lemon and honey tea, me a Dorset).You need a hat afterwards, Ms Humdrum needs to remember!I haven't worn a hat for a few weeks, but yes it is important to keep warm. Even when you think the sun is out. We also have rugs, courtesy of my mum, to keep our legs warm. "Old lady slipper boots" are excellent too. Whatever the weather. You need gloves as it's FREEZING and your hands hurt like HELL. Luckily, my friend bought us gloves and we have worn them ever since, except in high season. No more pain.You also need to remember, from yesterday's swim, not to gossip too much on the way and have to make a triangular reroute on the way back because y…

Tub Club and school hols don't mix

Hmm. I took a week or so out of the plan when we had to visit family. It was such a difficult time that I wasn't really bothered. But, and this is the big but, I didn't get back on plan when I came home. I continued eating wildly for another week. I then found I'd put on 6lbs in three weeks aarrggg. I've since lost half that, but because I'm on Easter hols and off school, being out of routine has meant I've put that back on (I think). I just can't focus when I'm not in my normal weekend.
Today, I've tried to start off well - poached egg and avocado. I'm liking my group more and more because there are some real people there, people like me, people who exercise (more than me obviously!) but don't want to eat the crap that SW puts out there (with Quark, Frylite etc). I actually heard someone in group suggesting another member eat avocado as a good way to use up syns (that person wasn't losing weight at all despite being very strict). I also…