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"Elf, I am your father" said Santa

Afternoon Tea @ The Ritz!

Afternoon Tea @ The Ritz!

Adam Ant - Gig Review

From one extreme to another Part 2

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From one extreme to another Part 1 (and yes I'm back)

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Here's to my new job!

Here's to my new job!

Tea taster? Yes please!

Officially unemployed

Feeling inadequate?

Did I waste my education staying at home? Not on your nelly

St Clare's The First Year

Time to start swotting ...

Update on "Help my wish came true"

Help my wish came true (no it's not "Please change the Frubes ad")

New life... not just a song by Depeche Mode

How to ruin your child's life, or at least evening

Elf turns 6

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