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This week's challenge is Overcoming Attitude in a 4 Year Old

Manifestations of aforementioned attitude:

(1) Saying HUH when asked to do something (followed by the requested task though)
(2) Stamping of feet
(3) Hitting mum and dad
(4) Case of the I Wants
(5) Repeating phrases from Ben10 like "I'm so outa here", "I'm so over this" and "Will you guys just leave me alone"
(6) The usual whingeing and whining

Locations of aforementioned manifestations:

(1) With his parents
NOT with any other person (ie Mungles' mum and dad looked after him today and said he was well behaved all day)

Possible causes of aforementioned attitude:

(1) Watching too much Ben10: Alien Force
(2) Holiday and being spoiled too much by grandparents
(3) Still being tired after school (he has been full time from day 4)
(4) Being nearly 5
(5) All of the above

Plan of action:

(1) Conkers - a conker is added to a special jar when Elf has been good all day, and removed for a naughty act, a full jar resulting in a reward
(2) Only one episode of B…

In the Night Garden lives on

Before I moved in to my new house 3 weeks ago, I'd already decided the house theme was going to be "driftwood and pebbles". I'd also include wiggly sticks (my Dad used to collect them when I was little - I still remember one huge wiggly stick in front of the fire in my front room - where is it now?).

Mr Humdrum can't understand having a theme. We are seconds from the shoreline and it seems obvious to me, being a beachy family too.

Anyway I haven't even unpacked all my boxes yet let alone worked on the theme. But when I found some stones - we collect stones from every outing - I thought I'd make a start on the theme and you can see the result in the above photo.

It was a few days later when I realised I'd copied Macca Pacca!

The Wonderpets save the celery

I have much to thank Wonderpets for. Not only the half hour I get each day while he watches Linny, Tuck and Mingming (are those the right names?) save some dumb panda in China who is stuck up a bamboo tree. Even Elf said yesterday Why can't the panda just slide down? Duh.
Anyway, as any mum of a young child worth her hummous will know, the Wonderpets celebrate the saving of every small animal by eating celery. Yes celery. Well what else can a hamster, a duck and a turtle share to eat? 
Elf has been into this programme for about a year (a long time in the televisual viewing habits of a 4 year old) but has only just realised that celery exists.
I know adults who hate celery (I don't) so I know it's a love it or hate it kinda thing. I am happy that Elf ate a small tree of broccoli today and an inch-long roasted carrot, let alone worry that he hasn't started eating celery. Until today that is. He announced he wanted to eat celery. As Mr Humdrum was popping by a Tesco, he boug…

Beware the purple sausage!

Having just returned from a week's holiday in Lanzarote, my most pressing task was to post again! It's been odd not blogging, but the house move plus a family holiday a week later has put paid to my blogging time. No it wasn't really a good idea to book a holiday a week after we move house. Yes it was booked long long ago, before we even put the house on the market. Anyway job done, move was smooth and hols were fab. Back to blogging. I can't actually remember what font I use, so this might be the time for a change...

I will post some appropriate holiday snaps later, but the sausage on the left depicts one of the funnier parts (for us). Of course Elf has been obsessed with his willy since birth, that's a given. Apart from the time he flashed at the headmistress, we've not had many embarrassing moments. Until now. He discovered his foreskin moves! Now being a girl, I'm not quite used to little boys' willies. Big boys, different matter ... Should it go bac…

We're in!

What a nightmare. I never ever want to do that again. Unlike Mrs Frugal, I will not be moving ten times.

We promised Elf a new bed. One of those ones with a den underneath. He keeps going upstairs to see if his "climb-up" bed has arrived yet! We haven't even ordered it!

I'm still not organised enough to get back into blogging and although I have uploaded the odd piece, I've not had the time to read all of your blogs and comment. I will be back soon ...

By the way the picture is of our new bed linen from John Lewis. I was going to use red as an accent colour around the house. Since buying that duvet cover, I have changed my mind. The plum colour is my new favourite!