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Cold water immersion, one year on

A year ago, some bright spark decided we should dip in the sea for fun. I blogged about it here. A year on, what have we learned?

This is what we'd learned three weeks in - let's update!

We have learned that you need to boil the kettle before setting off to swim. Yes, that's a habit now. We have two cups of tea (she a lemon and honey tea, me a Dorset).You need a hat afterwards, Ms Humdrum needs to remember!I haven't worn a hat for a few weeks, but yes it is important to keep warm. Even when you think the sun is out. We also have rugs, courtesy of my mum, to keep our legs warm. "Old lady slipper boots" are excellent too. Whatever the weather. You need gloves as it's FREEZING and your hands hurt like HELL. Luckily, my friend bought us gloves and we have worn them ever since, except in high season. No more pain.You also need to remember, from yesterday's swim, not to gossip too much on the way and have to make a triangular reroute on the way back because y…

Tub Club and school hols don't mix

Hmm. I took a week or so out of the plan when we had to visit family. It was such a difficult time that I wasn't really bothered. But, and this is the big but, I didn't get back on plan when I came home. I continued eating wildly for another week. I then found I'd put on 6lbs in three weeks aarrggg. I've since lost half that, but because I'm on Easter hols and off school, being out of routine has meant I've put that back on (I think). I just can't focus when I'm not in my normal weekend.
Today, I've tried to start off well - poached egg and avocado. I'm liking my group more and more because there are some real people there, people like me, people who exercise (more than me obviously!) but don't want to eat the crap that SW puts out there (with Quark, Frylite etc). I actually heard someone in group suggesting another member eat avocado as a good way to use up syns (that person wasn't losing weight at all despite being very strict). I also…

Mrs Humdrum recommends Dice, the board game lounge

Mr Humdrum said he couldn't see how it could work. He sees now. 

Saturday afternoon. How to resuscitate your 13 year old son from asphyxiation from XBox? Tell him to get ready to meet up with some of our friends for a games afternoon? Hmm let's see. Board games. Now don't get me wrong, we play board games. We love a spot of Would I Lie To You and Killer Ludo is always a favourite with his grandparents (his grandad cheats and usually wins). But to meet up with friends, who have a teenage daughter, yes a GIRL, to play boardgames in a cafe on a Saturday afternoon, well that's just not cricket.  

I can report that the said teenage boy smiled and, yes, laughed within ten minutes of arriving. We had booked ahead and were taken to our table, introduced to our (what do I call him - not just a waiter, gamer? Instructor?) "helper" who said he could not only take orders for food and drinks, but also recommend any of the 500 games that are available there. We saw families …

Ms Humdrum recommends Let's Paint Pompey

After a friend announced that she "just wanted to do stuff", the usually irritating Facebook algorithms threw up a Let's Paint Pompey advert and I signed up immediately at the Wine Vaults. 

Having just celebrated its first anniversary, Let's Paint Pompey is a fun, relaxing painting evening set in various pubs for a reasonable fee, where you need neither experience nor materials, and you get to bring home your creation and, hopefully, a budding new skill. 

We pitched up slightly early as my friend wanted to grab a bite to eat first. I drove, so there was no partaking of alcohol that night. Looking around at the other painters, you couldn't specify a particular "type", but we fitted in. Some had been before, and some were newbs like we were.

I admit I was nervous. I'd never done anything like this, well not since my CSE art in 1987! I love to think I'm creative and I do have a sketch pad, but I don't show anyone my creations. They're just not…

My month - March 2019

I'm a little late with this one this month. We've been all over the place metaphorically speaking, well and physically as well. My mother in law passed away and we all had quite a difficult month or so, what with nipping down to visit plus feeling guilty that we were all up here. Anyway there were some nice moments. Master Humdrum and I stayed in a local hotel and spent two nights together on our own. We managed to have fun despite it being a really sad time. We watched a whole (rather inappropriate but what the heck) series on Netflix, plus reviewed the whole range of fast food eateries in the area. It was, in fact, quality time spent together which we rarely get these days. And I know his grandma would've liked that very much.

We Humdrums love our live music. We've decided, as it's our 25th year together, to attend 25 music gigs. This is number 5 so far. (For our own benefit as much as yours: 1 Shiiine Weekend, 2 Don Letts DJ set, 3 Fantastic Fug Band, 4 Barbudo E…

Ms Humdrum reviews: Dub Pistols, Porstmouth 28.3.19

I have to start every review by saying what sort of fan I am of the band's music. Well, I'm not actually. This is not my kind of music really, but I've gone with Mr Humdrum. I missed Dub Pistols when they played Victorious in August 2018 - after a heatwave, they played in the worst rain we'd ever seen in this city. It was not due to the rain that I missed them; rather I was escorting my moaning son home in a taxi before returning to catch The Bluetones.

The energy on stage is apparent from the start. You know how most bands, and audiences come to that, reserve most of their effort for playing/singing/dancing to their last track or two? This was full on from the word go. I was mostly impressed with watching the band play live. I honestly never thought that this sort of music (rap/dub/ska/ragga/jungle?) was played live. Did I think it was just sampled or did I never think about it? Who knows. But watching their drummer, guitarists and horn player was awesome (I do love …

More SW updates

Since half-term in February, I've sort of been on track. We are currently on week 3 of the term. I did put on a teensy weensy bit of weight after all my cake-munching, but I then worked my a** off the next week to lose it plus a tiny bit more. But then I went away with my bestie. We had a long awaited, and much needed, spa night. Lunch was a buffet; we went with salad, but with a few extra bits. Plus two puddings. Two SMALL puddings mind you. Dinner that night was three courses, yes another pudding, plus a bottle of prosecco each. We aren't called the Prosecco Pigs for nothing. 

Upon my return, I have tried to keep to plan. I didn't go all SP, mostly due to being too tired to organise myself. I've had another issue with my throat and without wanting to go into detail, I've come off some tablets, which mean that some foods may trigger unpleasant results, so I've been aware of that too. It didn't stop me from scoffing a chicken sandwich when I came home from w…

My month - February 2019

Half-term holidays have begun to mean the boy lurking around in his room during the winter months, and out and about with his mates in the summer ones. Not with me. However this time, he spent time four days in a row (yes FOUR). Here he is at the beach hut, with his mate. He's about to break a chair of mine and spend the rest of the afternoon destroying it fully. Happy days. 

This cake signifies all of the cake I had at half term. I certainly made the most of all of the catch-ups with my friends. With cake. And gossip. 

This is Killer Ludo. My dad is the world's meanest Ludo player and he cheats to win. He usually does win to be honest. But he's not honest. The boy loves playing with him, trying to be the alpha male and not let him win. Over the years, the boy has become less likely to get upset when his dear mother gets him out. He's even trying to cheat now like is grandad, but not as successfully. We catch him!

Another day spent with the boy at half term. 

The weather w…

Cake, cake and more cake

Let me just explain what's happened. It's been half-term. I've been off plan. I've eaten lots of cake. And other things. And I don't feel guilty!
I have enjoyed every bite as it has usually accompanied catching up with friends. That alone is worth it. 

Never fear, I shall be back on it come Monday morning. I will have four whole days to make amends. 

So when I'm asked "Do you know why?", I shall answer "Yes! Because this time, it's got to work for me. If that means taking time out when I'm on holiday, then that means that. Doesn't mean I don't start again."

Six weeks until Easter!

Time's running out for my culinary legacy!

When I reminisce about my lovely Nan Preston, I remember mostly that she made pancakes for me. Not just on Shrove Tuesday, but every Wednesday! I used to get off the bus by her house, scoff pancakes after tossing them if I was lucky, then walk home. I make pancakes for my son, not as often as I couldn't keep up with his requests so I buy them already made! When I think of my Grandad, I loved the cottage pies that he made - not too wet, proper minced beef - that's how I like them now. My dear mum is an amazing cook - her roasts are amazing (my son the other day suggested my roasties that day were on a par!) and her pasties are fantastic. Shame she hates cooking! My mother in law's beef casseroles - mmm how is that sauce so delicious? My son loves her spag bol too.

So what am I going to be remembered for? I'd like to think I whip up a legendary lemon loaf  (Netmums cookbook recipe) - it always goes down well. My Nigella Victoria sponge is always a hit. My gooey fudgey bro…

I've stopped counting down

Earlier this month, I came across a meme on Facebook saying:
Maybe this day is not one of your favourites but never forget that every day you wake up is an amazing gift and it's up to you to make it count. 
(I think the image might have been attributed to Rongrong but not the meme.) However, it struck a chord. Earlier this year, I decided to stop counting down the days. Of course, if I'm looking forward to a meet-up with my bestie, then of course I'll count down. (But please, Ms Humdrum, make sure you get the month right so you're not counting down days til the 9/2 instead of 9/3 and your friend laughs at you and puts you right when you ask her the day before what time she is hoping to arrive!)

I work in school and it's easy for life to be punctuated by school terms. Obviously, this is true for most families of school age children. You can't help it. a seven or eight week Autumn 1 term, holiday week, seven or eight weeks until the two week break at Christmas etc. …

The reboot continues

Enter week three. So I'm 8lbs down, got my half stone award - go me! Week two was pretty much the same as week one - heavy at the weekend, with three days of SP and a fast. It was my dear mum's birthday, so we enjoyed a couple of birthday cakes I'd made, steak and chips at Cafe Rouge (our favourite) on Saturday night, plus afternoon tea on the Sunday. I didn't go overboard (she says ha ha) but stuck to what I'd planned. The steak was delicious, the afternoon tea amazing and I enjoyed every bite. So back on SP for three days Monday - Wednesday plus a fast day Thursday. I'm not back on the 5-2 but just do it really to help my weigh in day! It's good to counteract the weekends. The photo is a chicken casserole my dear mum made for me. I made it SP.

This weekend though, I have no massive plans. Last night was Friday night and I did go on a little bit of a binge but hey, I felt crap for it. I am currently treating silent reflux and had a mini flare up - discom…

Back on SW week 1

Well, my re-boot this week was slightly unexpected so I had lots of things planned at the weekend. Friday as I've already mentioned, I was off out drinking. I did drink but was not tempted to snack.

Saturday I planned to have a takeaway with the boys; we did, but we ate far less than usual. I had more chicken starters than pizza and we didn't feel hungry!

Sunday was a treat meal out for us, and I wanted a steak. So I had a steak. No pudding thought.

So to counterbalance the three nights out, I went on SP overload this week! Monday, porridge (which is normal), dry tuna and lettuce salad with boiled eggs, turkey with mashed carrot/swede and greens for dinner. Tuesday porridge, turkey leftovers, spag bol with lentils in, and runner beans instead of the spag. I've been eating lots of apples too. Today's lunch was the last of the turkey plus for dinner I'm having more lentil bolognese with green beans tonight. I've had a snack of ham and peppers this evening.

I have fou…

My month - January 2019

This is New Year's Eve at our house. Every year, we host a disco for our little group of five families. Each year, we enjoy a little drink. Each year, we drink yummy espresso martinis. Each year, we dance and dance and dance. This year was no exception. This year, we chose rather cheesy music (think Copa Cabana) and danced and sang so much that my legs ached for days. 

This is my new mantra. I'm fed up of counting down the days to the weekend, or weeks to half-term. And it also links in with Bohemian Rhapsody, answering Freddie's first line question.

Sadly, my newly restored motivation for getting outside to do more exercise took a hit in the form of plantar fasciitis. For the lucky ones who don't know what it is, it is a bloody annoying pain in your arches and on your heel. I have had to wear my old moulded (not mouldy) insoles to help. I am obsessed with Skechers so I bought these comfy boots, only to find that memory foam isn't great for my foot thing, so in went …

Slimming World - the return!

After a six month hiatus, I rejoined Slimming World last week. When I say six months, I mean six months since I left the group. I stopped doing it a long time before that! I am now officially heavier than before I started the last time, which was nearly three years ago. My pal from before read my mind and asked if I wanted to rejoin; funnily enough, I'd been thinking of asking her half an hour before that. 

So off we went, setting my Fitbit app to record the walk there and back. Of course, we had to endure the new members' talk, which I know we have to do, and to be honest, I did feel slightly more inspired than before. And it was funny to hear that Muller Shite, sorry Lite, yogurts have lost their free status!

We enjoyed our hot chocolate whilst listening to how the other members got on. Staying to group is not how I wish to spend my evening, but I do know that it was when I didn't stay to group after weigh-in that I lost my weigh way. Sorry that was a rubbish joke. Anyway,…

Ms Humdrum recommends ... Baffled Coffee, Southsea

I realise I'm slightly late to the party with this one, but I've just never got around to going to Baffled, despite hearing many, many good reviews from friends. I am a sucker for a beach view, so I usually visit the seafront for coffee catch-ups. The opportunity arose today with a friend from work. 

The cafe is on Fawcett Road; parking wasn't a problem as roads nearby are permits between 4-6pm. This was a brunch meet-up! Brunch is served up until 11am and there are already three other dishes I want to try, so I'll have to arrange to come again. I wanted to choose the avocado crostini, but I knew I'd be having that tomorrow at my next brunch catch-up, so I went for the breakfast stack. My friend ordered the avocado crostini so I definitely knew I'd be having this next. Sliced avo and a perfectly poached egg were served on sourdough (I think) with lime and chilli salsa - this is from memory so forgive me if I'm wrong. Looking delicious, my friend said it tast…

My December 2018

Well, would you believe it? I've just got into a Liked and Loved linky - created my first one at the end of November, presenting all the things I've liked and loved in that month. Sorted out my photos for my December one, went to check the linky thing - to find this! A Cornish Mum (the linky creator) has only gone and finished the linky! Oh well, I shall rename it My December or whatever month it is.

So here is My December 2018.

Footie The boy was awarded Parents' Player of the Match after playing against a higher team (same league) in our club. They lost 2-1 but we felt we'd won the World Cup! We've come so far this season and to lose by such a small margin against a team like that, well, the players should all be chuffed to bits. We had quite a flurry of goals this month from a defender who cheekily wanted to go back to his original striker position. Two goals for his Sunday team, five goals for his school team, another two, one last one before they broke up for th…