Sunday, 31 March 2013

Leftovers = soup!

I know this looks a bit weird but I've been whizzing up the leftovers of casseroles that I've made. If there's not enough for a freezer dinner, or even if there is and there's still more, this is where it goes.

I find Elf avoids the veg in my casseroles but obviously loves the meat and the taste. I tend to give him a small bowl if he's having a freezer/orange shelf dinner it a pizza etc. Not that I am that fussy about whet he has, but this way it's the best of both worlds.

This is leftover lamb casserole with red currant sauce, sweet potato and butternut squash.

Come to think about it, it's why I make my own soups! Duh.

Monday, 25 March 2013


Mr Hundrum and I had words this weekend. About me feeling crap all last week and having to cope, before I stamped my feet in Sunday and spent the afternoon in bed.

I asked him: "Are you not interested in me being ill, not sympathetic or do you think I'm putting it on?"

He replied "I'm not a very thoughtful person." Now this isn't entirely true. Who bought me a new Touche Éclat when mine was running out?

But I can see what he means. It's easier not to be thoughtful when that would mean taking control of the Boy and the household. Let's just pretend she's alright really. Or that she will be better in the morning.

So instead of mumming-up and making myself even more ill, I shall spell it out for Mr Humdrum.

I. A. M. I. L. L.

I. N. E. E. D. T. O. G. O. T. O. B. E. D.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Did I mention I'd been ill?

Having been ill for one week now (not that I have mentioned it much, or moaned about it, or been sent home from work because of it, or been sighing every 10 minutes - something I inherited from my dad), I just hope I'm at the end of the cold-morphing-into-sinusitis.

Mr Humdrum returned from an overnighter in Brighton on Saturday, and threw this at me: "I suppose you'll be going to do our weekly shopping?"

I threw this back. NO. Last Sunday I managed, whilst feeling awful (did I say I had been ill?) to cater for and throw an afternoon party for 20 adults in my house for Mr H's mum's 60th birthday, then during my two days off in bed, I managed to cook for all of us, and pick the Boy up from school, take him to Beavers and swimming, then when I returned to work for two days, only to be sent home early each day, I still picked the Boy up and cooked, oh and looked after him on the aforementioned overnighter when the sinusitis was really kicking in.


So he went shopping. He cooked me a delicious steak in peppercorn sauce. He cleared up. He put the Boy to bed whilst I bathed. He brought me a cup of tea in the bath. I got a lie in, albeit woken up already by the Boy but at 8.30 (not bad), and I have just finished my breakfast in bed, which was two warm croissants with slithers of butter and blueberry jam, oh and with a cup of tea.

Thank you Mr Humdrum. It's just what I needed.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Testing my Blogger app 123

You can tell how long it's been since I blogged properly. I didn't know there was a proper app! This will be fun ...

To test the photo upload, here's me as a baby and my recent Mothering Sunday card. Wow I can upload more than one?!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Liberty, illness and mini Love Bombing

I think I've had a few revelations this week. Firstly this isn't a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book excerpt, it's a unique JH. He was referencing an artist he'd learned about at school that day; for the life of me, I can't remember the artist's name. His mum and dad will be proud one day, and you saw it first here.

Liberty - Having been off work ill for two days this week and sent home early for the consecutive two, I either didn't feel like looking at Facebook, or when I did, I didn't want to be posting rubbish as I was really at home ill. So I lurked. I read, I commented in my head, and didn't actually comment on anything. There is one post I must go back and comment on - a friend's OH has added his Blackadder quote on the Blackadder Status Day Update last week. But it was liberating to realise that actually, I didn't miss out on anything by not commenting. I didn't feel the pressure to "like" or comment on something. These are the questions I asked myself:

1. What happens if you don't comment within 2 days, do I look rude if I comment on something else and not that?
2. How about those people (you don't know who you are for precisely this reason) who you comment on their posts, because you have something you thought interesting to say, or you asked them a question - but they never reply?
3. Do I feel that my lack of motivation for blogging coincided with my increase in FBing? Yes.

What am I going to do about it?
1. Comment if I really want to, but not if I just feel I ought to.
2. If I need to communicate with someone about something important, I will do it by text or phone. In any case privately.
3. Blog more!

Illness - This is just a rant at myself. I've already said I've been ill this week and I feel a right doughnut saying "It's a cold". I do really suffer with colds, I can't take decongestants and so can't clear my nose. I get sinus infections and they just wipe me out. I am lucky as I don't ever get S&D or anything like that, I just have a weakness for colds. I returned to work too early this week, and got sent home. Next time, I promise myself I will only return to work the day after I feel ok!

Mini Love Bombing - a la Oliver James. Mr Hudmrum is on a boys' night out tonight, and so the boy and I have had a lovely evening on our own. I told a little white lie that no one was going to Beer O'Clock tonight, because I couldn't face going out in the rain and, oh did I say I'd been ill? Well I just wanted to rest. I thought we could watch a film, he chose Finding Nemo. I'm sorry to say I've never seen it but thoroughly enjoyed it, snuggled up under the blanket on the sofa together. He is now asleep next to me, bless him.

I was grumpy earlier. I've since had a chat with my bestie on the phone, and am now feeling happier, except the sore sinuses! And I'm slightly disturbed by the descriptions of the Burlesque show that Mr Humdrum is at...

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beaver Patrol

Mr and Mrs Humdrum and The Messengers are in the pub. The boys at a Beaver sleepover and we are out on the town. We have played pool and darts and are currently annoying a group of lads headed up by Mr Jason Statham the scaffolder. Well a lookalike. The pub is empty. Mrs Messenger may get twitted in a minute.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hairy korma

Mrs Humdrum is obsessed with Hairy cooking at the moment. We've had in the last week and a half: chicken korma, cassoulet, spag bol and today lamb tagine is in the oven for tonight, with rice pud to follow. I bought the Hairy Dieters' cook book during half term after I saw a couple of the recipes at a friend's house. It was reduced and I think I paid about a fiver for it. I was tempted not for the diet reasons, but it had what I call "proper" meals in it - casseroles, pies etc; food I would want to cook regardless of being "healthy".

Admittedly I haven't been following the dieting part of the book (have you seen how much pasta 50g actually is?) but I have justified this by feeling inspired again about cooking, and have been enjoying cooking from scratch with healthier ingredients. Maybe I'll start the diet thing later...

The only downside is that the recipes are quite time-consuming (two hours approx each), but then you would expect that if you wanted "proper" food wouldn't you? I made the cassoulet with half the meat, and froze the remainder of the sauce. Next week I only have to cook some sausages and add the defrosted sauce. Next time I will make double and freeze the korma sauce, and may try it with vegetables. The spag bol I might bulk out with a few more beans and vegetables. 

But my verdict so far - fabulous! I will update with a review of the lamb tagine and rice pud later.