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Elf turns 6

My dear Elf turned 6 earlier this week.
Happy Birthday to you.

Call to arms - how do you deal with an angry child?

I don't just mean one who has a strop because he didn't get his own way. I mean one who gets sooo angry when falsely accused of something. Elf was involved in a fight at after-school club yesterday; we were assured he didn't start it. Oh well that's ok then! 

New Year in a wetsuit

The nursery gang. I am the one in the front middle with a wetsuit and surfboard. There was a random fancy dress theme, and a Your Regional Dress theme. I am Cornish therefore I came as a surfer.

We had: top left-right - Scottish kilt wearer (rumoured to have nothing under but we were too scared to check); Inspector Clouseau (looking for a bum); Queen Victoria; Henry Ramsbottom, Lancashire Pirate and bottom left-right - Cruella de Vil (she said their dog was at a sleepover, but she had a new spotty collar to her suit...); Harry Hill; Surf "babe"; The Only Way is Essex and From the 60s.

Wishing all readers health and happiness for 2012.

G - Z of A Humdrum Christmas (a hurried post)

G is for Gosh, what a silly idea it was to pledge a post a day of the A-Z of A Humdrum Christmas.

H is for Hell, I won't promise that again.

I is for Idiot. Me.

J is for Just one post over Christmas would have sufficed.

K is for Kicking myself.

L is for Let me start anew in 2012.

M is for Me.

N is for New Year's resolutions.

O is for Only going to make 3 resolutions.

P is for Pay more attention to myself.

Q is for Queen. Treat myself like one.

R is for Run more.

S is for Stress, as in have less of it.

T is for Tea. Only drink Dorset Tea.

U is for Under no circumstances can I drink any other tea.

V is for Very difficult this is, talking like Yoda.

W is for When will this be finished? 

X is for Xtremely tenuous A-Z entries.

Y is for Y am I doing this? Just for completeness.

Z is for Zzzzz more sleep please.