Six things our children say that we wouldn't have in our generation

A few of my son's comments the other day got me thinking - thanks to today's technology, there are things that he says that I wouldn't have in the 70s. I'm assuming everyone is roughly the same age as me (?) but obviously a mum of a 4 year old could really be about 21, and would most likely have said the same things as my son!

  1. Can you pause the telly please? This is still funny for us to say too. If Elf is watching Backyardigans on telly, and wants to use the loo, he knows the right remote control button to pause live TV. In my day, I'd have either held it or wet myself rather than miss the end of Pipkins.
  2. Can I see it? After taking a photo of him, he wants to see it. As just about everyone has a digital camera these days, of course you can see it. In my day, we had to wait til the photos came back in the post (half of them usually blank!)... until the arrival of the Polaroid camera!
  3. Is dinner ready now? A PING in our house suggests dinner is on its way. That's NOT always because I cook ready meals in the microwave, but because I defrost my own meals and I use our combi-microwave as an oven. Were there ovens in the 70s that pinged?
  4. Send his mummy a message says Elf when he wants to meet up with Woody. It's that easy!
  5. Can I see Nana on the 'puter? Webcam sessions with Nana were great when Elf was small. He now thinks he can show her his new toys on my mobile too!
My other one was "Press the flush" instead of "Pull the flush" but I don't want to be too lavatorial...!

Do your children say things that you wouldn't have said?