A day for me, me, me

Two friends have recently returned from spa breaks. I am jealous. I couldn’t justify spending money which should go instead on furnishing our new home, but I am tired, grouchy and could really do with a spa break.

But if I really thought about it, what I actually need now is a whole lot simpler than that. And cheaper.  Here are my guidelines for an ideal mini-break.
  1. Book a day off work during the week, or if you are at home, book child into before/after-school clubs or nursery all day.
  2. Have an already tidy, clean house so there are no distracting or guilty thoughts of “I must tackle that ironing pile/wash up/rehouse those lost toys.”
  3. Pre-arrange a trip to the supermarket, not to buy loo rolls or washing powder, but some healthy, nutritious food to eat on your mini-break. Croissants for breakfast. Falafels with salad, fruit and yogurt for lunch. Your choice.
  4. Then do what you want - I’d get up after the boys have gone to work/school. A little lie in, counteracted by a refreshing stroll around the shoreline near my house. Get some exercise. Then a luxurious bath overflowing with bubbles. Time to pamper with that nice gift set that I got for Christmas (from one of the friends returning from the spa break!). Paint my nails. Relax until lunch time, reading my magazine or book on the sofa. Or just spending the time thinking - about how I can squeeze in a bit of me-time each day. Or how I can revamp my weekday recipes as we are all boring of Monday pasta, Tuesday casserole, Wednesday pie.
  5. Have a civilised lunch - a place set at the table, with napkin and wine glass (maybe only drinking fizzy water but who would know). After lunch, do what you want. I’d write emails to those friends I only contact at Christmas. You know you always want to write, just never find the time.
  6. Then do what you want! (Are you getting the idea?) I would watch something I’ve been saving to watch on my own undistracted. As the afternoon comes to an end, maybe have a quick snooze on the sofa, setting your alarm for 30 minutes.
All too soon it will be time to pick the little one up, but what a day I’ll have had. A day just for me, me, me. Time to relax, eat well, pamper just a teensy bit, time to think and mull things over, but more importantly time for me.