3 reasons why I've lost the plot

I have seriously lost the plot. Here are three things that have happened in the last two days to explain why:

  1. Yesterday at work, some marketing literature wasn't ordered. I was sure that I'd done something wrong and got into a right panic. Colleagues were telling me I hadn't done anything wrong but I was sure I had. I hadn't. (But then I did. Someone asked me how many brochures to print - and I replied during a training session. Wrongly. I told them to print 6000 brochures when really we needed 2700! Thankfully that person hadn't read my email properly and so hadn't ordered 6000. Phew.)
  2. Yesterday again, I forgot to book Elf into the afterschool club! I have been doing odd training days and have had to shift my hours and days round all over the place (costing  me an extra £50 you know!). How I managed to miss yesterday I do not know. Thankfully the school are fab and took him last minute.
  3. Today, now this is the weirdest thing. I had a day off and after lunch, I had a lazy stroll around Waitrose replete with scanner as is de rigeur. I scanned sugar, as I'm baking today, and then walked up the aisle stopping to look at the vanilla bean dusting, but returning it to the shelf. I then realised I hadn't bought flour, so left my trolley by the coffee and walked back to the flour. Spent ages looking for wholemeal self-raising flour (didn't have any). When I got back to my trolley, my scanner had gone! I looked in my pockets, handbag, shopping bags, shelves... Then I thought someone had run off with it! I reported it, and the lovely young man brought me another that had had all of my shopping transferred. He said "the system" showed that my scanner was still around the same aisle that I was in. I looked all over the shelves, but couldn't find it! Am I going mad? Did I put it on a shelf? I've certainly never done that before! Or did some smart arse move it? Just to make me think I'm losing the plot!
Is it me? Heaven help me tomorrow.