Sleepovers are our new babysitting

Me: Would Johnny like to come for a sleepover next Friday? Elf has been asking for ages.

Johnny's mum: Oh yes that would be lovely! What time?
Me: I'll collect him after school, give him tea and you can pick him up after lunch on Saturday.
Johnny's mum: Great! Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, as I say, Elf has been nagging me.

Later on that week...

Me: Are you around on Saturday 24 September by any chance?
Johnny's mum: Yes I think so. Why?
Me: Oh it's just that we've been asked to go to a party, but we can't get a babysitter...
Johnny's mum: Would you like me to return the sleepover favour?
Me: Oh really, I wasn't asking, I was just saying... but if you could, that would be great! Thanks!

Job done.

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By the way 2, I was searching for a picture of a "confused mum" to put here, and I got a picture of Britney Spears!