A in the Humdrum A-Z Christmas

I set myself a task this week of posting every day on my Humdrum A-Z of Christmas. A is for "All set yet?" Those three little words that you hear from the SECTS (Smug Early Christmas Tossers) in about October, followed by "I am".

No, I am not All Set Yet. I have thought about who I'm buying presents for, taken off dead and divorced people from my Christmas card list, added new partners and short people, culled the friends I'm buying for, worked out who I can slash pounds off due to my smart-buying ... but have only actually bought about 5 presents.

And I have just realised that I haven't even got Elf's advent calendar ready for tomorrow.

This is from the person who changed her introduction of her dissertation the night before it was due in (in the days before personal computers, and after a whole year's work) ... I like to live life sort of near the edge. I don't want to be all organised by the time November arrives. I am not stressing out, but I enjoy the present-hunting when it is in fact sometime near Christmas. 

I'll get set in my own time ok? I'm just not into Competitive Christmassing!