Update on "Help my wish came true"

Yes so I am now scaring myself because my dream is within my grasp. (The two jobs at the school I've been volunteering at.) What if I don't say the right thing at the interview? What if I completely mess up? What if there are people more qualified and/or experienced than me? (Well of course there probably are going to be.)

Then I had a calming thought. I have to be me. I can't go to the interview, assuming that I get one, as someone I'm not, saying the right things but not being myself. This is my opportunity to set myself up for the rest of my working life, and I can't do that under a pretence, just to "live the dream".

So I shall be myself. They have seen me for 18 months working in the school. They will know me by now. I will just have to hope that the best of me comes out in the interview, and that I am suited to the school and also that the school is suited to me.

Just in case, I have ordered a teaching assistant's handbook off Amazon to swot up on!