Tea taster? Yes please!

I am now into my second week as a teaching assistant, and today Mr Humdrum trawled the internet getting quotes for my car insurance. Faced with the "What's your job title" question, he typed in TEA... and the following choices were shown:


I'd love to be a tea taster. I suppose even a tea blender would be nice.

At least I'd get a cup of tea while I worked, instead of having to wait til lunch time! I've worked in an office for nearly 20 years and am like the proverbial poisson out of eau, not having a hot cuppa at my desk at (nearly) all times.

Nor my oppo number who made the best tea at work.

Still, at least I have a job and there are some things I like about it! I'll blog these next week, while I have a think about them...