All's fair in school and shops

Two fab things yesterday:

(1) I got to ring the bell at the end of lunch time yesterday. I was born to ring bells. I've discovered my inner dinner lady and I love it.

(2) I managed to tell the difference between the identical twin school mums! I didn't make the mistake of talking to the one I don't see in the park thinking she was the one I see in the park - yay for me!

Balanced out today with two disappointing things;

(1) I've been dolled up to the nines in my Benefit make up "lesson". A very nice girl made me up, her make up was subtler than mine. Which bit of "I don't do anything too visible really, just natural looking" was in a different language?

(2) I asked for my bacon roll in Benjy's to be crispy. I knew the server hadn't told the chef. ("Chef".) It was fatty and disappointingly soft.

Still at least I rang that bell!