Domestic almost-bliss

Today I made a delicious lamb cobbler, the first time a cobbler has worked for me (in my oven). Friends visited us during a walk and despite being in my pyjamas with not even a washed face, let alone hair, I was able (when Mr Humdrum returned from shopping) to offer them a slice of chocolate and beetroot cake, fresh from the farmers' market.

There is one week until the end of this half-term, and it's taken me these seven weeks to feel satisfied with the landscape of my week. When I have time to cook a more challenging meal, when I need to rustle up something quick (before swimming and after Park Wednesday), where to stop off on the way home from school for veg/milk/library books to save me going out after the school run, and short cuts to make life easier (chippy after football on Fridays).

All this organisation makes for a more relaxed Humdrum. And that cake was so delicious, I think I'll have another slice while Mr Humdrum is snoozing.