Liberty, illness and mini Love Bombing

I think I've had a few revelations this week. Firstly this isn't a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book excerpt, it's a unique JH. He was referencing an artist he'd learned about at school that day; for the life of me, I can't remember the artist's name. His mum and dad will be proud one day, and you saw it first here.

Liberty - Having been off work ill for two days this week and sent home early for the consecutive two, I either didn't feel like looking at Facebook, or when I did, I didn't want to be posting rubbish as I was really at home ill. So I lurked. I read, I commented in my head, and didn't actually comment on anything. There is one post I must go back and comment on - a friend's OH has added his Blackadder quote on the Blackadder Status Day Update last week. But it was liberating to realise that actually, I didn't miss out on anything by not commenting. I didn't feel the pressure to "like" or comment on something. These are the questions I asked myself:

1. What happens if you don't comment within 2 days, do I look rude if I comment on something else and not that?
2. How about those people (you don't know who you are for precisely this reason) who you comment on their posts, because you have something you thought interesting to say, or you asked them a question - but they never reply?
3. Do I feel that my lack of motivation for blogging coincided with my increase in FBing? Yes.

What am I going to do about it?
1. Comment if I really want to, but not if I just feel I ought to.
2. If I need to communicate with someone about something important, I will do it by text or phone. In any case privately.
3. Blog more!

Illness - This is just a rant at myself. I've already said I've been ill this week and I feel a right doughnut saying "It's a cold". I do really suffer with colds, I can't take decongestants and so can't clear my nose. I get sinus infections and they just wipe me out. I am lucky as I don't ever get S&D or anything like that, I just have a weakness for colds. I returned to work too early this week, and got sent home. Next time, I promise myself I will only return to work the day after I feel ok!

Mini Love Bombing - a la Oliver James. Mr Hudmrum is on a boys' night out tonight, and so the boy and I have had a lovely evening on our own. I told a little white lie that no one was going to Beer O'Clock tonight, because I couldn't face going out in the rain and, oh did I say I'd been ill? Well I just wanted to rest. I thought we could watch a film, he chose Finding Nemo. I'm sorry to say I've never seen it but thoroughly enjoyed it, snuggled up under the blanket on the sofa together. He is now asleep next to me, bless him.

I was grumpy earlier. I've since had a chat with my bestie on the phone, and am now feeling happier, except the sore sinuses! And I'm slightly disturbed by the descriptions of the Burlesque show that Mr Humdrum is at...