The Humdrums in London

Us Humdrums took a cheeky trip to The Big Smoke for a couple of days. Our main plan was to visit the Science Museum. And not spend too much money!

We did fork out for the London Eye and it was worth it, especially the 4D experience.

The Science Museum although free, wasn't a great hit with us. Not as good as the Natural History Museum. Not much signage. The Google Chrome Web Lab was a joke - most of the apparatus was being used by online visitors, or wasn't working. The trouble with computers ... The only time anyone approached us (the Explainers they're called) was to tell our son he couldn't eat in there.

Technology through the Ages was good - funny to see the electric typewriter I learned on at school and my old Walkman.

The History of Medicine was good too with room displays from shamans to 1950s dentist rooms. In the main exhibition I did see a Roman anal speculum and I think that's the image that will stay with me.

The Great Fire of London Monument was good and very cheap to go up - £3 approx. Very interesting too.

The number 9&15 buses were good value too - from St Paul's to Knightsbridge.

Visiting a friend for dinner one night was also a good plan - costing us a bottle and some beers!

The best thing we did was the Emirates Cable Car from Excel to the O2. £8 for us 3 (discounted because of tube tickets) - not bad. The best customer service - the guy took us to a ticket machine and pressed the buttons for us. Amazing views! Quite scary too ...