Meal Plan Monday

Well last week didn't go to plan as I was ill. Clearly Mr Humdrum can't cope so I had to muddle on. I managed to resist the Dominos helpline but we did have fish n chips Thursday night. I also made butternut squash soup and veggie soup - the former for my lunch and the latter to have in a cup as a starter to get more veg down us.

This week we will mostly be eating OOTF (Out of the Freezer) as I am loath to spend more money on food when I have a whole dead farmyard in there.

Roasted turkey breast with some trimmings
Gammon steaks for the boys and jacket potato n tuna for me
Home made steak burgers and home made wedges (pic below)
Omelette with soup as a starter
Chicken curry, not sure which flavour yet

In other news I did a tiny shop in Aldi tonight. Last time I stuffed my basket down in a huff about the long queues but today I persevered. Will report on quality!

I am also trying to "eat clean" for some of the day.