How to get humdrum but happy

December's issue of Psychologies has this as a strapline. Coach Jessica Chivers suggests ways of finding even dull (necessary) housework activities more appealing. She talks of reframing the chore - I find that phoning my mum makes emptying the dishwasher much more enjoyable.

She also talks of exchanging the bucket list of "things to do before you die". Okay I don't think many of us would sniff at seeing the Northern Lights, but how about standing on Southsea beach, facing the Isle of Wight, during Cowes Week. Try and beat that contrast of white sails against the blue sea.

I'm thinking of creating my own list; not a bucket, rather a suitcase filled daily with "things" that have made my life happier, made me more content. Maybe this is where my blog is heading...


  1. Like the suitcase idea.... I have a little book that I put down three things every day that are a blessing... amazingly am now nearly reaching the end of the year and have done three things every day! That makes almost a thousand. As for 're-framing the chore', will have a go. LOATHE ironing.... how can I re-frame that?!! Do it naked and outside in the rain?! Neighbours might get a bit of a shock. xx

    1. Um can you watch a fav program on tv while ironing? Downton?! -HMx

  2. Defo! Or listen to music and bounce as the iron whizzes back and forth. I have a stereo in the laundry room for that sole purpose


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