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Ms Humdrum has a fall

Ms Humdrum, the blonde educator residing on the south coast, took a recent fall during her ride home from work the other day. "I had three wobbles," the teaching assistant reported, whilst sitting down, drinking tea to recover from the shock. "I wobbled near the pub, though I clearly hadn't been visiting it, and skidded to to a halt," she stated. She then added, "Whilst crossing the road, I felt that my lunch box on the back was off-centre." Ms Humdrum tried to right her wrong lunch box, wobbled then slowed down, and smacked right-side down onto the kerb. A young college girl helped her recover her shoes, which were splayed in opposing directions on the hot tarmac, offending lunch box and handbag, which was safely in her front basket. Feeling like a right twit, Ms Humdrum accepted help, trying to laugh off the sad situation of the young girl helping an old woman up. The soon-to-be 47 year old showed more concern that her black cropped jeans were ripped than her knees were skinned. When she was fully reinstalled (this time, bag as backpack, and lunch box in basket), she sped off home, albeit later admitting at a slightly slower pace. However, this was not to be the end of the mum-of-one's trauma. Further on down the road, she was nearly crashed into by a MAMIL crossing a main road. He apologised but this did nothing to end the fear that this language tutor was not going to arrive safely at home! The Cornish pedagogue did add later that she had left school via the pub using many different forms of transport, some of which she could even remember, and after many different forms of hydration, but this was the scariest journey of all. To add insult to her bruised injuries, a fellow colleague found out about the incident as the college-girl-helper was in fact her daughter, arriving home to announce, "I've just helped Ms Humdrum up off the floor" after been taught coding by her six years ago. She plans to remount the saddle immediately, blaming tiredness for her dramas.

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This is New Year's Eve at our house. Every year, we host a disco for our little group of five families. Each year, we enjoy a little drink. Each year, we drink yummy espresso martinis. Each year, we dance and dance and dance. This year was no exception. This year, we chose rather cheesy music (think Copa Cabana) and danced and sang so much that my legs ached for days. 

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