What I've been doing while I haven't been blogging (stolen title)

I'll hold my hands up and admit that I've stolen this title from I'll think of a title later's last entry. I just want to list the things I have been doing, to make me feel better about not having blogged for 12 days. Here goes:
  1. Being ill with a hacking cough that appeared without the preceding cold - bloody annoying
  2. Looking after a supposedly-ill child who is off nursery with bottom issues, but seems quite normal to me
  3. Spending two days in Bournemouth with my mum and dad, and Elf - lovely sunny days on the beach
  4. Sorting out my speeding fine and deciding whether to go on a Driver Awareness Course (I am, but it's in the next county to me)
  5. Worrying over whether we can afford our new house - status: survey done on ours for buyer, and our offer on our desired house accepted too, survey to be booked next week so not there yet but getting closer
  6. Being published - more details later but I have been asked to write a small piece on Work Life Balance for a local publication
  7. Trying to get my head around arranging childcare for the school holidays from September - it's a nightmare
  8. Worrying about my friend - get well soon.
I think that will do it. I will now get on and read all of your blogs and get some commenting done!


  1. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog...

    and oh, poor you - sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now...house-buying is a total nightmare...ditto school holidays.. WHY are they so long?
    HUGE good luck jxx

  2. I am feeling a bit less sorry for myself now - thank you! -HMx


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