Having a good clear out

Look what I did tonight! I am so proud of myself. I've been meaning to do this for weeks, and tonight I did. Don't get too excited... it's only a box of toys too babyish for Elf that are going to join the garage-full of boxes! 

But it's done. I just seized the moment while Elf was playing and went through the 10 Ikea-box stacked storage system of toys. The old storage system used to be coded thus: Stuff (all children have a stuff box don't they?); vehicles; art and craft; trains; people; animals. 

It was sad putting away the Bob the Builder machines, they are still in very good condition and I hope that we may use them again... 

The new storage system now has the following: Stuff (again); Star Wars; Daddy's lego: Ben10 and Power Rangers etc; Vehicles; Small cars and other vehicles; Art and craft; More art and craft; People and animals. 

Last but not least, here are the two bags of old "stuff" that I am throwing out. Broken bits, toys off magazines etc. I also tidied away his drawings, recycling the rubbish ones and sticking the good ones into a scrap book. Phew!

Unfortunately though, these are only the toys that we unpacked when we moved! We still have some upstairs in boxes... arrrrggggghhhh!!!!!