Shhh don't tell anyone...I had time off

Nails done in a salon
Nails done by a 4 year old,
or have I got them the wrong way round?

This afternoon I came home from work instead of having my usual lunch hour first. Home at 2pm, with Elf booked in at school til 5pm. All highly irregular I can tell you. And do you know what I did? No I didn't have an important visitor, or job to do, or doctors appointment. I just relaxed on my sofa, hoping to sleep (but got interrupted by phone calls) so I watched an old Miss Marple! I did doze for half an hour and then I went to pick Elf up.

Now how good was it? Lovely. I have been feeling very tired since I returned to work after the Christmas holidays. More shattered than normal. Believe me, I am quite lazy and even Mr Humdrum said I shouldn't be that tired. 

I felt a teensy weensy bit guilty about having "time off" but Mr Humdrum said if that was what it took to get me back on track, then I should. So I did.

Here's hoping.

You may wonder why I posted pictures of my nails above... Mr Humdrum's sort of godchild, Miss M, decided she wanted to paint my nails on Christmas Eve. It was a Christmassy colour with glitter. She did do quite a good job, as you can see above. I did fill in the gaps, but she tried really hard. 

On New Year's Eve my Dad treated me to a manicure and you can see the results. One of the best I've ever had done. One week later and only two nails were slightly chipped. Brilliant!