B is for Bad Mum in the Humdrum A-Z of Christmas

Bad Mum didn't get around to sorting out the advent calendar for Elf. Oops. I knew it was the 1st of December today, I just didn't get my act together!

Elf woke up this morning and the first thing he said was "Can I open my calendar?" I thought as I hadn't mentioned it, he wouldn't remember. 

However tonight I have sorted it out. Mr Humdrum got the two Christmas bits'n'pieces boxes out of the garage and I found the Christmas truck with little boxes in that is Elf's advent calendar. 

Mr Humdrum had bought mini choc bars to put in, but they don't fit! Instead I filled them with the leftover eye chocolate from Hallowe'en, and added a little note in tomorrow's drawer.

A sort of riddle:

My first is in mum's name
My second is in not right, but ....
My third is in an orange coloured fruit
My fourth is in something you eat to make you see in the dark
My fifth is in something you fly high in the sky

Of course, this riddle will use the initial letters - to read CLOCK. And behind the clock will be chocolate buttons!

Am I excused now?