F is for Fake Father Christmases in the A-Z of A Humdrum Christmas

What a pledge that was, posting a letter every day!

F is for Fake Father Christmases. Elf has seen a couple this year, the first was at the school party. He said afterwards "He was fake, I could tell cos his beard was rubbish". The same day we saw the second, at a garden centre where you can have tea with Santa. The Big FC spends about 5 minutes with each child chatting about their year, and what they want for Christmas. He really is a good one. 

Elf said afterwards "I could tell he was real as his beard was real. But the only reason he looked fake was his white gloves." I said  that he needed to keep his hands clean. He didn't focus on the fact that the school FC said he was off to New Zealand - how did he make such a quick trip?

I think next year I'm going to have to explain that Santa needs helpers as he's too busy making toys and reading lists. How he's growing up.

And that second beard wasn't real...