There is nothing like a free ice cream

It didn't come completely cost-free though. It cost some of my pride.

I was waiting in a cafe for a friend on an outside bench when the bench collapsed. I fell in and I ended up with my legs and head sticking out the top! I managed to extricate myself from it but had to ask my friend who was queuing for help! I'm sure loads of people in cars saw me. The staff came over and checked I was ok and removed the whole broken bench.

They said Would you like a drink?

I replied Well I was thinking about having an ice cream - and promptly got one.

I recommend The Garage's Eton Mess ice cream but I don't recommend the way I got it.


  1. OMG that's the sort of thing that always happens to me!!! :)

  2. O Panticles, getting strung up by a bench. Poo happens to all of us, it's only because you're so young you have missed out on the pantier side of life.
    ps. You say what you like, thank you very much
    Many Lego hugs from your south coast friend, hope to re-meet with you when available


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