A Humdrum A-Z of summer holidays A-D

A is for Are we there yet?
One and a quarter hours into our four hour trip I hear it. It's not actually Are we there yet, more How long? I was driving and Elf was in the front seat, so we were able to converse in between bouts of DS, PSP, reading and listening to his iPod (he kept asking me to turn my music down!). I did take the opportunity to explain miles per hour and distance covered. He's seven, but he understood that if I'm going at 70mph, then it's going to take just under and hour to go 60 miles.

B is for beaches, hence the photo.
We are not a theme park family, I tell people. Don't get me wrong, they have their place. We use Paulton's Park as a meeting place with my best friend's family once a year, and the boys have been known to go to Legoland on an inset day. But not at the expense of the countryside and certainly not the beach! I spoke to a boy at school the other day who said he'd been to a seaside town very near where I grew up in Cornwall. I asked him about the town and what he'd done there. Turns out he'd been to all of Cornwall's theme park places, but had not been to the beach in the town! What???

C is for caravan.
Yes I know. We normally camp. We are campers. Glampers if we can get electricity. But this year we borrowed my in laws' caravan in Cornwall. Wow! It was certainly a nice change to be warm at night. I think we are about to book up next year too...

D is for dirty.
I don't know how many days I wore the same sundress for. Or Elf wore the same tshirts. We lived in swimming costumes and wet suits!

E is for everyone happy - to be published in a few days.