Souper Sunday - roasted butternut squash (New Covent Garden)

Today Elf went to football training (scored two goals, one left-footed again) and then went conkering (as opposed to conquering) with his mate up the road. Left with all of this free time, I entertained my old friend who was staying, along with her 19 year old neice, who we were trying to help make a life plan. Greasy haired, we sat in our PJs, ate a brunch and gossiped. My friend used the make-up I bought yesterday to give me smokey eyes. I wondered if Mr Humdrum would notice; he did but didn't say anything as he thinks I look weird with anything other than nude eyeshadow on. Anyway, after this I decided to do some baking and made the oaty cookies from my previous post, but swapped the apricots for chocolate drops, and I made soup which I would take to work this week.

Roasted butternut squash from the New Covent Garden Soup for Every Day book. Yummy! We had a cupful with our cheese on toast dinner; Mr Humdrum approved and even Elf said it was yum! The cookies were nice too. I made some large ones and smaller ones for Elf's lunchbox this week.

I wondered on the phone later with my mum why I was feeling all organised and calm and whelmed (rather than overwhelmed). My blood pressure continues to be low (for me) and that's good. My mum wondered if my blood pressure and my calmness were linked. But which came first? Did the lower blood pressure make me feel better, more organised and able to cope? Or did my newly-found inner domestic goddess lower my blood pressure? Who knows?