Off to camp

Ben, or Elf as I used to call him, has today gone to his first Cub Camp. He's been away on Beaver and Cub sleepovers, spent weeks away from us with his grandparents and at friends' houses. I remember when he was a toddler and as Grandma and Grandpa drove away from our road, we expected a wave, certainly not tears. He didn't even wave, he just started reading a magazine or something and that was it.

Which is good. I am amazed at how many parents say "Oh so and so has never been away from us". I have even thought in the past "Are we bad parents?" No! I work term time and whilst it's lovely to not have to worry about childcare in the holidays, I don't ever get any time on my own. Save for the one week a year when Grandma and Grandpa whisk him away to Devon. Then I get time to spend doing exactly what I want (like falling off a bench or deciding to stop blogging and use my Facebook page, hang on haven't I just done that again?). So this year I'm extremely lucky because I get that Devon week (after Bank Holiday) and the next four days!

Friends are about to dump send off their children at camp (Brownies and Cubs) so we have made a couple of plans to meet up! Yes, meeting up. SANS ENFANTS. Maybe going out for a meal? Having a drink without the tiny thought in the back of your mind that you may have to sober up in the next few minutes to deal with an injury or a scrap.

Ben's mate J said to his mum "I'm so excited about going to camp. Two days not under your control!" And he thought he was the winner. No J, we are the winners. I'll report back how the evenings out went.