An exercise a day with Ms Humdrum - bedroom yoga

Good evening and welcome to this new series on A Humdrum Mum, called An Exercise A Day. I aim to do exactly what it says on the tin, one exercise a day. Regretfully, I didn't start this yesterday after my awesome 8am sea swim, but hey, today's as good a day as any.

With Mr Humdrum out on his mammoth bike ride and Master exercising his thumbs, the time was ripe for me to make the most of my last lie in before the return to school tomorrow. Lazily, I checked messages, skimmed through Facebook etc, played Scrabble and decided to do some yoga. 

Googling bedroom yoga (and not knowing actually what I was going to find - some of you may remember one of Master's early girlfriends suggesting yoga couple poses!), I found 5 Minute Morning Yoga with Adriene. I laid on the floor, not appropriately dressed for yoga but safe in the comfort of my closed bedroom, balanced my phone in front of me and started to do some cat cow (?) moves after starting off in table top position. I say, yoga has certainly changed since I last did it (last century possibly). 

"Start to move with the breath," says American Adriene, in her drawly, cool way. She's dressed in vest and running leggings. Her silky, long, brown hair is tied casually back as she instructs me on her yoga mat laid upon beautiful wooden flooring. The room is airy, she poses in front of a window with trees right outside, and there's a lovely occasional table with a stunning green vase on it. You might think I was taking more notice of her surroundings than her doings, but I am replaying the video as I type.

As she gets me to open my chest, my phone dings. Oh hang on, I just need to continue a conversation with a friend about her dating app. Yes, she should continue to see that man. No, I know he might not be Mr Forever, but you can have fun. 

OK carry on with the yoga. As I'm getting down and personal with my carpet, doing puppy posture apparently, I try to inhale and exhale properly. My phone dings. Hold on, I just need to finish the conversation I'm having with a friend about her son's difficult birth. She needs support. 

Downward facing dog now. I'm feeling slightly dizzy at this point, but it might be because I'm midway in a conversation on my phone about my fringe with my hairdresser. It's very important I read what she's written so I don't have to go to work with a short and curly.

Right, all three conversations finished. I can focus on me in the two remaining minutes. I'm breathing, I'm feeling grateful, I'm connecting to my breath, I'm giving my body some love. OK that's done, and I do actually feel good!

I would like to point out that I am not being sponsored to review this YouTube video. Poor Adriene may be disappointed with my words, she may never read them. However, I did feel that I could repeat this regularly and feel good. It was explanatory enough for someone who hasn't done it for years.