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Slimming World - the return!

After a six month hiatus, I rejoined Slimming World last week. When I say six months, I mean six months since I left the group. I stopped doing it a long time before that! I am now officially heavier than before I started the last time, which was nearly three years ago. My pal from before read my mind and asked if I wanted to rejoin; funnily enough, I'd been thinking of asking her half an hour before that. 

So off we went, setting my Fitbit app to record the walk there and back. Of course, we had to endure the new members' talk, which I know we have to do, and to be honest, I did feel slightly more inspired than before. And it was funny to hear that Muller Shite, sorry Lite, yogurts have lost their free status!

We enjoyed our hot chocolate whilst listening to how the other members got on. Staying to group is not how I wish to spend my evening, but I do know that it was when I didn't stay to group after weigh-in that I lost my weigh way. Sorry that was a rubbish joke. Anyway, nothing changes. There are still pockets of women happy to chat through hearing how Sue has got hubby's work do's coming up and may not eat at them, or how Sharon has a penchant for chocolate and how can she indulge but not sabotage, but are able to converse with the leader for their catch-up. At the last group, my pal and I were last and no one listened at that point, either from overload or the leader wanted to get out of the door fast. So did we, but we did feel short changed. There was also the issue, I felt, of not enough support for target members. But that's another subject and I just hope that I get there again so I can moan afresh! 

I started the next day, yesterday, quite well - eating up an already prepared lunch that I'd made (chilli with a quarter of an avocado - WHAT an avocado? You can't mention those at group) and not snacking in between meals. But I'd already planned a night out involving drinking. I prepared with the most boring healthy meal ever, jacket potato and beans, and didn't feel tempted to eat a kebab or anything when I got in. I did, however, spend 40 syns on a bottle of prosecco! But I did have a fabulous night out with great people so sod it. 

What has become apparent in my thinking is that I'm quite good at getting in the zone (when I'm ready for it) and losing weight. I was even adept last time at drinking loads and losing, but on reflection, I think I hardly ate out. Slimming World just doesn't work with eating out. If I'm going out for a meal, I'm not going to have a steak with no sauce and a jacket potato. No, I want a lovely bearnaise sauce and fries! I'm also good at putting back the weight that I've lost. It's true what they say, you stop Slimming World and put it all back on. So, my motto this time is this: to lose less (yes!), for longer and possible ever. I have to be able to work in my fun. I can't lose it again and then put it back on again. (I also can't do up my coat so I do need to lose it.) Even though massive weight losses are almost expected in the first week, I'm happy if I've just lost a pound because if will probably mean that I've not sacrificed too much that week. I won't go mad, but life is too short not to go out to enjoy myself. 

My initial aim is to get my coat zipped up lose a stone so I can fit into my clothes again. I shall then re-assess. I'm also not going to do any of the crappy things that I don't like about Slimming World - Frylite, sweeteners, diet drinks, cereal bars, Muller Lite yogurts etc. If I use my syns for the oil for roasties, then that's so I enjoy them. I'm following Two Chubby Cubs on Facebook and they are all for avoiding crap too.

Here's to more pics like this - batch cooking chilli, soup and lasagne! I'll probably have to find a better way of making the cheese sauce!

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