Am I a bad mummy? Parts I and II

Please let me know if these two things make me a bad mummy.

Part I
I have just spent a week in Dorset on holiday with my parents and Elf. It was a glorious week and we spent every day on the beach.

Elf likes arcades - the flashing lights, loud music with the motorbike rides, air hockey - all of it fascinates him. We are facing the G problem. Do you know what that is? The gun problem. (The small font means I'm whispering it.) Lightsabers are ok. I call the guns guns on the storm troopers water pistols. Elf knows not to shoot Mummy or Nana, just Daddy and Grandad. But he just picks up sticks instead and tries to shoot me. It's hard to avoid!

Elf stood by a rifle shooting game and watched a dad play alongside his teenage son. Then Elf went and took the huge rifle and started imitating them. My mum and I were watching from a little way off and sniggering behind our hands. Of course I wouldn't encourage him to do that, but it was funny in an awful way. This gets worse. Before I could drag him away, two "nice" children a bit older than Elf started watching him. Their mum came over and dragged them off with a really cross look on her face! Now that made my mum and I really snigger!

Part II
Elf wanted a Power Ranger. Every day he wanted one. I said he could have one at the end of his holiday (Friday) if he was a good boy. On Thursday, he wanted a magazine. No because if you have the magazine, you won't get your Power Ranger. OK he said. I don't want a Power Ranger. Are you sure you don't want a Power Ranger? You know, the thing you've been whining about all week? I don't want a Power Ranger.

Fine, I said, and I got my camera. I asked him to repeat what he'd just said and I videoed him saying he didn't want a Power Ranger.

Can you see where this is going? The next day is Friday and what does he say? I want a Power Ranger. Well Elf, you don't want a Power Ranger. Yes I do. No you don't, watch this, see! He looked at me as if to say, Who is that person that looks like me saying the most ridiculous thing, that he doesn't want a Power Ranger?

Now am I a bad mummy?


  1. That is so funny you write with such humour I am still having a giggle.

  2. You are def. not a bad mummy, in fact you sound fantastic to me, lucky Elf!!

  3. I think you are a goog mummy as i was!!!! X Mum

  4. I think you are an awesome mummy. And clever too!!

  5. Anon - Thank you Wendy, not so anonymous, my work friend!

    Blogging Mummy - in fantastic company then?!

    Anon - a good act to follow then? The best! Thanks mum x

    Organic - awesome, I'm teaching Elf to say that with an American accent, he thinks it's so funny. Thanks!


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