What can you do when you're child-free?

This week we are child-free. Elf is staying with his grandparents. We have been able to do the following since we have been child-free:
  • Laid in bed until 9.30 YES 9.30 on Easter Monday
  • Gone to the toilet on our own, without having to wipe someone else's bottom or play "Talk funny Mummy" (which involves me talking in a range of accents, well mostly American, and Elf laughing at me)
  • Watched our own choice of telly which isn't, funnily enough, Humf or The Backyardigans
  • Had a long adult lunch of three courses uninterrupted on Easter Sunday
  • Turned our noses up at other tables in said restaurant with children attached (only joking)
  • Shopped in peace at our own pace after said three course lunch
  • Tried on clothes during said shopping trip
  • Argued with each other. Why? Because we could!
  • Worked a full day instead of part-time (to make up for leaving work early last week as Elf had tonsillitis) I don't have to leave bang on time to avoid the huge penalties for picking Elf up late from nursery
  • Not had to wait outside the house in my joggers for OH to come home so I can race to my Pilates class (does the stress involved in waiting til the 11th hour negate the relaxation achieved once there?)
  • Laid in bed until the last minute before I have to get up before work (bliss)
  • Cooked dinner, eaten it by 6.15pm and watched Hollyoaks (it's still awful)
  • Tidied my wardrobe and put away my Winter warmers
  • Booked catch-up suppers later in the week with friends separately but ON THE SAME NIGHT
  • Planned to go to a work friend's 40th birthday party TOGETHER without having to pay a babysitter.
As my and OH's parents all live four hours away, we rarely have any time to go out without having to pay for a babysitter. Our parents take Elf away for a week's holiday once or twice a year, leaving us with a week free to do the above. The girls at work were amazed that I said I wouldn't miss Elf. Why would I? He's having fun with Grandma and Grandpa. I do wonder what he is up to each day. In fact I think I'll just give Grandma a quick call now...