A fishy day

My friend A, pictured  below, treated me for my birthday to a day at Champneys Town Spa for a fishy pedicure, and lunch at Cafe Rouge, followed by a spot of window shopping, or even shopping depending on how much wine we'd consumed. Here was our day...

Started off with a late breakfast, after first class train travel
Lovely fruity bread thing

Two headless females brave the fishy pedicure

Oh my god, it was the weirdest thing ever! A went first, as I was having my newly applied nail varnish removed. She seemed to be OK, just giggling a bit. We hadn't been drinking by this point, I should add! I dipped my feet in. I felt the little fishies swarm around my feet, in fact they favoured my left foot (I didn't think it wasn't a bad film either). I cried, not in a bad way, but just in a tickly way, I knew I couldn't take out my feet, but it was so hard to keep them in. I clutched A's hand the whole time, and squeezed her knee. Like the way that Elf squeezes my hand when I'm taking a splinter out, to make him feel like he's transferring the pain.

The skin on my feet is quite hard, so I don't think I can see a huge difference, but I know that a few treatments would make a difference. I am definitely going back - and my mum is going to come with me. She just doesn't know yet! 
Here we are
Do you like the hat? Too Joan Collins? OK then

Lunch yummy

Even more yummier

Glass of pinot gris?

One bottle later...

Left the restaurant, and rolled into another for a drink!