Smug parent alert

No one likes a smug mum. Or a smug parent. I haven't been blogging regularly for a while, and I suppose I should conservatively blog to regain my loyal (if any?) followers! 

But to hell with that. I'm going to be smug ok? Just for once. OK maybe twice. 

Today we cycled to the local library to "find out about bears" for Elf's homework. 

  • Using our own transport - tick
  • Using local amenities - tick
  • Not just googling "Where do bears come from?" - tick
  • Looking in BOOKS - tick

When we came home, we ate soup that ticks many boxes.

  • home made - tick
  • using home grown (or almost) ingredients - watercress from Mr M's garden, and potatoes harvested by Elf from last week's gardening club at school - tick

I then made some buns as we had visitors and the leftovers were to be frozen for Elf's lunchbox.

  • home made - tick
  • controlled chocolate intake for lunch box - tick
Then we read The Guardian. Tick?