2013 Day One!

A rare pic of me as Warden at our New Year at the Cells New Year's Eve party.

I wish you all health and happiness for 2013. And to myself too.

2012 was a year that started off in the first month with the shattering news of my redundancy. Four months, s lot of soul searching and hard work later, I started a new job in a role I'd always wanted, and I've never looked back. That's the happiness bit sorted out. It also covers wealth, which I don't like to include if it means financial wealth. I have enough, less than before but I am richer in other ways that I couldn't have dreamt of.

My 41st birthday in June heralded the start of health issues with high blood pressure. I thought I'd been lucky but it's up again.

Resolutions? To look after myself. I've shelled out £25 on the New Coventry Garden Soup book, so I can ensure I put the right stuff in. I'm fed up getting the school kids' sniffles!

And I need to get out onto that common again with my "shuffle running", and I'm also going to start swimming again.

There - only a few little resolutions to keep up. I call it Operation Shuffle not Sniffle!