Soup two

Today's effort was good old leek and potato. I amended the recipe slightly (blended it all rather than keeping the waxy potatoes more solid, using all floury potatoes and keeping skins on - more from the point of laziness!). Even Ben ate some, not bad.

I'm also currently chilling sweet potato and sweetcorn burgers that I made earlier. I've made 2 beef ones as I'm sure the boys will turn up their noses at veggie dishes - especially as Ben doesn't like sweetcorn!

I went for my New Year run yesterday and I'm going out again with Ally tomorrow as I finish at 1pm.

Ben's holiday work is done, decs away, shopping done, new trousers bought for work ... Almost ready for the new term tomorrow. I just need to do my nails tonight and get my own school bag ready.

Six weeks til half-term! Yay!