Elf is 7!

Last week Elf turned 7. My little boy. I'm not allowed to call him little anymore. I'm also not allowed to kiss him, or hug him, or well, do anything with him. It's all daddy at the moment. Do 7 year old boys cut their apron strings and velcro themselves to dad?

We had a lovely family meal at Pizza Hut, very civilised, on his actual birthday. The next day we had his local friends to come over for cake n juice. Then tomorrow his exuberant celebrations will be topped off by a football party. This is the cake made by my friend - it's a football match, Man U -v- Real Madrid in 4 4 2 formation. Cool!

Except it's snowing and the football ground is outdoors. Why was he born in January?


  1. Happy belated birthday Elf. Sounds like the perfect package of birthday treats. Eliza is 5 and already not giving me as many kisses and cuddles as I'd reasonably expect from my flesh & blood, will await her 7th birthday with trepidation!

  2. Thank you! Girls are different ...


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