Walking with Ms Humdrum - Warsash

It was one of those days when plans changed at the last minute. We were up and ready to leave at 8.15 on a Sunday morning for football, possibly the first game for a good few weeks, when we get the text - cancelled! What to do?

Well breakfast first at The Parade Tearooms, followed by a random walk along the shoreline at Warsash. Mr Humdrum had been around here before, but we hadn't. We chose the shoreline over the nature reserve (will have to return for that), which overlooks Hamble. There is a spit which makes for a nice brisk walk there and back. On the way, we discovered a training establishment with lifeboards and davits on the pier head. Sheet-glass ice at the water's edge made for interest by both Messrs Humdrum. Master Humdrum just liked smashing them with big rocks and stones. Mr Humdrum liked the noise and so recorded the smashing!