Gromets tomorrow!

Just a little post - Elf is going into hospital tomorrow morning to have his gromets put in! I am more worried about the anaesthetic than the procedure. I know it is so common and he will be fine, but it's still hard not to worry. I am just going to watch my guilty pleasure, Holby City, then pack his day bag (with overnight stuff just in case) and our stuff. He is nil by mouth from midnight so we will have to have our breakfast later on when he is under.

I shall post a post-op review soon. Right I hope there are no horrible ear-related issues on Holbers tonight...


  1. Hi, I hope everything went well today and your elf is now home. Thank you for your comment yesterday, sorry I haven't got back sooner but my dad is coming home from rehab (following a stroke) on Friday so been busy trying to sort that all out. Please let me know how your little boy is, and how it has all gone. It is such a worry but hopefuly it has all gone to plan. Hugs xx

  2. Thank you Blogging Mummy, I've answered this comment on the "why is my son naughty" entry on your blog. It's quite confusing sending messages like this! Hope you get it. I've published my blog entry about today's op. Hope you'll have a read of it. Hoping your dad's return goes well too. xx


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