How many blogs are you following? Questions from a nervous new blogger...

As a blogger of only a few weeks, I'm learning there is a certain etiquette for blogging. (I just scratched my head trying to invent a word like blogiquette, but it didn't quite work as it turns the G into a soft G.) In my surely deluded mind, I'd get hundreds of followers and comments alike, full of praise for my irreverant (am I deluded again?) style of blogging. As I said, this was in my mind.

What I have learned is this: You won't get followers if you don't follow others. That actually sounds like a life lesson as well doesn't it? Same for comments. So I started following and commenting, and guess what, yay, I got followers and comments. This may be obviously to you lot reading this, but it wasn't to me. I'd previously been used to blogging on my own website for my 4 year old son, full of pictures of what he'd been up to. My readers were my family and friends, living too far away to see us regularly, able to catch up on the blog. But I'd not had to earn readers. I am slowly appreciating that I now have to.

I joined the Lady Bloggers Society which has really helped me with pointers on how to find your style, for example. If you haven't already joined, give it a whirl, it is an extremely useful resource and fun to read too.

So I have some questions for you. Please help me out!
  1. How many blogs do you follow? At the moment I follow about ten and to be honest, I can't see how I can fit in following more. Admittedly sometimes I login a few times a day, upset that my fav blogger du jour hasn't posted something new.
  2. How many followers would you like to have? I've got seven and I'm chuffed to bits. (I think one of them is my alter ego/other blog, but let's skip to the next question.)
  3. How do you find new blogs? Am I lazy for looking at my followers' followed blogs and finding new ones that way? I do use the skip function at the top of our pages sometimes and wow, there are some way out blogs out there.
  4. How many times a week/month (OK day?) do you blog? I now have THREE posts in draft, yet when I'd just started the other week, I couldn't think of anything to blog about and had a terrible moment where I thought What have I done?
  5. Are you disappointed when a post that you thought was brilliant attracts ZERO comments? My post about being a MIMMY (what is it? well you'll just have to read it now won't you! OK it's a new acronym I've invented meaning More Involved MumMY born out of the, to my mind, misnomer of a word STAY in the phrase Stay At Home Mums) was, in my mind, a good personal effort and I've received no comments! Yet my throwaway post about the thrill my new leggings afforded me, received quite a few! Tell me, was I way off the mark with my MIMMY post? Do you think I'm more of the LEGGINGS kinda blogger? I'd love to hear back on this from you, but then I'm assuming that people will actually have read this far!


  1. I have no idea how many I am following lol! But it does seem to be the more you follow and comment on the more follow you! Saying that I know a few of my friends who talk to me about my blog but don't follow me so I know they read it! Still trying to understand it all!

    I hope your son is ok today, and it was all worth while!

  2. Hello!! Have enjoyed reading over your posts right from day one. I reckon I follow about 40, 50 blogs? Something like that. but no way can I get to read every one every day, so I visit when I can. And always comment. Whats the point of visiting if you dont leave a calling card, I always think!
    I LOVE getting new followers but am not particularly bothered by the amount, although would be pee'd off if I only had a few after all the visiting I have done over the months. And I so know that disappointment when you publish a post and the response is not as you expected... AWFUL!! We put so much work into the posts... maybe less work and less expectation. But that is just not me. Some good questions. Have enjoyed my pondering... will be back!

  3. BlogginMummy - Elf is, in London City Mum's words, bouncing around the house - all a fuss over nothing...! Thanks for commenting!!

    LWMother - Thanks for the feedback, we can't put less work in as we wouldn't be US then would we? Ponder on...

    PS Do you both get a message that I've commented on your comments? Follow-up comments?


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