The resistance of pizza

Last night I took out two frozen M&S salmon fillets to defrost in the fridge. This evening on my return from work and pre-school pick-up, I felt tired. I am pushing 40 and am feeling my age sometimes.

Order a pizza, says my weekly Dominos habit. You know you want it. Yes I want the New Yorker thin crust, with chicken kickers and possibly potato wedges.

My restart diet habit says, No, hold the pizza. Use the salmon fillets. They are far healthier and you can do potato wedges with them. Yummy. You know you want them.

Result? I side with the restart diet habit, not because it's healthier as such, but because I can't really justify ordering a pizza on a Tuesday. Thursday, the end of my working week yes, but Tuesday no.

Almost surprisingly, the salmon fillets poached in milk and parsley, with potato wedges, were delicious. My own verdict and that of my dear other half.

The small things make me happy. Like resisting ordering pizza.


  1. Well done Humdrum Mum, you should be extremely proud of yourself! XX

  2. I haven't resisted since....? x


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