Leggings schleggings

I have an announcement. At the ripe old age of 39 I have just purchased my first ever pair of leggings. My dad calls them council house tights, and he is allowed to say that as my mum grew up in a council house, albeit a lovely one in a country village. But still a council house.

Last Saturday, on a discreet visit to Monsoon when I should have been doing our weekly shop in Waitrose, I decided, because I'd had a lovely acupuncture session just beforehand, that I'd treat myself to something different. So I bought a dark gey jumper dress with batwings. I wore it last night to dinner with an old friend, but with thick tights. My new manager's manager is visiting our work today and I wanted to make a good impression, so I decided to buy a pair of leggings.

I waited outside Screw Look, I mean New Look, and ran in as they opened and bought them for £8! Bargain! I then put them over my thick tights with my jumper dress in their changing room, and drove quickly to work.

I'm suddenly transported back to the late 80s! Three of my lovely friends at work have already commented on my outfit, and I feel really pleased with myself.

See, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I feel like a different woman!


  1. training for Fashionable Forty Go for it xx

  2. Fashionable Forty? That sounds awful! xx

  3. Go Girl!! Enjoy the feel good factor, I just feel and look frumpier everyday at the moment, I want some of what you've got! :) x

  4. Hello Humdrum Mum - called in to say thanks for being a follower and I'm inspired. I've been thinking I'm way too old to wear leggings again, but maybe ..........

    PS Love your profile comment about getting a decent lunch hour!

  5. Wear them Working Mum! And it is really the reason I go to work... the lunch hour! x


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