Attitude? What attitude?

Elf when tiny... ahh so easy then!
A month ago, I posted a war cry - This week's challenge is Overcoming Attitude in a 4 Year Old. I'd been letting Elf get away with too much (we'd just moved house, he'd just started school etc) and then I caught myself thinking I'm letting him get away with murder, all because I've taken my eye off the ball.

I got some lovely advice and support from fellow bloggers (thank you), and friends and family, and I can report that his attutide has certainly got better, thanks to the following strategies:

  • our conker jar (we emptied it half full to buy a Ben 10 magazine)
  • Mickey Mouse (watching MM drives me mad but it's made him forget about watching Ben 10 which is too old for him)
  • a set of rules for a reward chart (getting dressed by himself; tidying up; reading his book each day and practicing his writing)
  • a better attitude from me!
I feel much better equipped now to deal with him. He is still tired, so I try to keep his bedtimes early, and not give him too many activities to do. Mr Humdrum has started a new job and is home earlier (which presents a whole new blog piece on Be Careful What You Wish For - coming soon!) and Elf enjoys playing with his dad, even if I have to chivvy both of them up the stairs.

Without sound smug, I am pleased with the effort I made. I know my friends who have had to "get back with the programme" have also seen the benefits - well done to all of us!

Now what's the next challenge going to be?

This last week I've been ill with the most horrid cold I've had in years, and it's made me tired and miserable. I felt unable to blog or even read blogs - I'm still not 100% but feel I need to write something!