School dinners

Today we were invited to the school for a Family Lunch. Having picked and paid for a school dinner (marguerita pizza) I waited outside the school office with the other mums and dads. Elf came rushing by, thumbs up, saying "I've come to get the dinner register!"

Then we were taken in by our own children to the dinner hall and asked if we were packed lunch or hot dinner. We sat in our allocated seats, next to L and his mum, who I'd met at the last coffee morning. 

The kids knew the drill. Wait til you're called, then queue up at the hatch - the dinner ladies look at the coloured star on your jumper (just for kids!) - green = veggie option, today's pizza and red = meat option, hot pot today. We then had to choose between half a jacket potato and spoonful of plain pasta, and again between roasted veg and sweetcorn. Add a slice of bread, choose your pudding - jam biscuity thing - and sit back down. 

You put your hand up if you have finished your main course and then the dinner lady will say if you can start on your pudding. Water is available in a jug, and a box of kitchen towels. Good eaters get stickers. 

The kids were as proud as punch that we were in there having lunch with them. As it was raining, we had wet play in the classroom. Out came the wet play boxes rammed full of jigsaws, puzzles, crayons, colouring books - which is what Elf and his friend did. 

I now know why he comes home with so many pictures from the same colouring book!