Please help complete a survey on schools and communication

I have just read a fabulous post on The Sardine Tin entitled Schools and Working Parents. It warns of a ranty post, and really made me laugh. You can get the idea from the title but please read it. 

Whilst I was commenting, I thought Hang on, I'd love to know what our blogging friends' experiences are with schools and communcation and event times. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is trying to work out how she can attend the next coffee morning in the last week of term, with no holiday left, but desperate to attend to show off her Elf's "fire" project (now that you've asked, it's a model of a house and garden with Elf and his friend with sparklers and rockets). 

So here is a quick survey. I'd love to know your answers so please comment. (Please note this is tongue in cheek, but I will post results!)


  • Are you a working mum or dad? Full time or part time?
  • Are you a SAH mum or dad? Or do you work from home?
  • Do you mostly pick up from school or use wraparound care?

And now down to the serious questions

  1. When planning events, does your school take into consideration working parents, ie having a later showing of a play etc?
  2. Have you ever baked anything for a coffee morning? Did you bake but not attend?
  3. Have you made anything for an event? (eg fair)
  4. Have you joined the PTA or Friends of…  or applied to be a governor?
  5. Do you volunteer at your school on a regular basis?
  6. Have you ever forgotten a daily item (like a water bottle or a library book or a reading book)?
  7. Have you ever forgotten a packed lunch or lunch money?
  8. Do you get parentmail?If so, Text? Email? Newsletters? More than 1 of the above?
  9. Has your school failed to communicate something important to you?
  10. Do you feel that your school is good at, well being a school, but you feel bad complaining about the communication?
Watch this space!