What do I do all day?

What do you do all day Elf? Nuffink. Can't remember, grunts Elf.

The other day, when trying to find last year's Christmas card list (who's died, who's split up), I came across a piece of paper entitled Reception daily routine. I thought I'd see how this compares to Elf's idea of what he does all day.

8.55am Children are greeted by teacher outside the classroom door. Hang coats on peg and put lunch boxes on the rack in the hall. Check book bag and give any letters or money to the teacher. An activity is set out on the table where learners are asked to find their names and begin an early morning task working independently

9.05am Learning Activity 1 - independent or adult-led

10am School assembly - weekly singing, story telling and collective worship-themed discussions

10.15-10.30am Morning play

10.30-10.40am Fruit and milk time during which the whole class shares news about previous evening at home

10.30-11.30am Learning Activity 2

11.30-11.55am Guided reading activities

11.55-12.00pm Prep for lunch

12.00-1.00pm Lunch and play

1.00-1.10pm Afternoon register and relaxation time, to music

1.10-1.40pm Learning Activity 3

1.40-2.55pm A session linked to the half-termly whole school theme

2.55pm Prep for home

3.00-3.15pm Whole class story time

3.15pm Home time

I've read out your routine Elf, what do you think you do all day?

Empty book bags; do register; do dinner register; playtime; learning time; playtime outside; go inside; do register; playtime inside; learning time; playtime; lunch time; playtime outside; playtime before home time.

Not a bad recall!