Chicken soup for my Dad's heart

Recipe for chicken soup
  1. Eat chicken sandwiches and one meal of chicken'n'mash, then shred all the remaining dark meat from the chicken
  2. Put carcass, bones, carrot and onion, keeping the skin on to make golden stock, in Mum's slow cooker overnight (if at home, use £5 reduced AWT/Wozza's stockpot, which Mum bought for me and was gutted as they didn't have one left for her)
  3. Next day, sieve the carcass and bones and reserve the stock
  4. Sweat two small onions, add stock and diced chicken, herbes de Provence and a twist of pepper - boil, simmer and whizz up a bit to make a creamy soup
  5. Put in a flask and serve to Dad who is recovering from major heart surgery three days ago. He is feeling sick and after looking at the watery tasteless tomato soup he tried to eat yesterday, I'm not surprised he doesn't fancy eating. I will report back how my soup fares. Chicken soup for the soul, well chicken soup for the heart in this case, and from the heart.


  1. Here's hope and praying that he'll feel better very soon.
    MM x

  2. Glad he's home now :-) Speaking from experince Hospital food is awful... they even served me up burnt brocolli once?! How can you burn brocolli??? When my dad was in southampton after his heart attack, they gave him fish and chips, and then scrambled eggs on toast (not at the same time!) both of these are a no no as not good for the ticker.

    I am a BIG fan of homemade soups thou and have loads of recipes, but will def add this to my collection for making.

    Sending lots of love and good wishes he's back on his feet soon

    A, B & M xxx

  3. Metromum - Thank you, he is home now and annoying everyone so he must be back to normal!-HMx

    AB&M - Thank you- He's allowed 3 eggs a week and NO broccoli! That soup recipe is for severe health issues only - if I were making normal chicken soup, I'd add other bits'n'pieces, and much less chicken!! -HMx

  4. Thank you Susie @ Newdaynewlesson. He is progressing well, it is only three weeks but doing very well. -HMx


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