The Gallery - Nature - A rhubarb truck

I am not really getting the hang of this weekly Gallery lark so apologies if I'm making some huge bloggie faux pas. Over at Sticky Fingers, last week's theme was Nature, and today I found the perfect photo opp. Elf and some rhubarb!

My Dad has just had open heart surgery and I'm staying with my parents to help them out. Elf has been staying with OH's parents nearby and today he visited with Daddy. A few jobs in Grandad's garden needed doing so we got Elf to work. He has dug potatoes before and puts them in his "gardening truck".

Here he is replanting a plant that Nana pulled out by mistake. This boy has green fingers!


  1. i hope your Dad makes a good recovery, that must be worrying for you all. I love this picture of Elf, Eliza is the same, she just loves gardening - it's great! We went to my Dad's today and she watered the whole garden with the power hose - my step mum was delighted! xx

  2. I love bloggie faux pas. You haven't made one, but just love that phrase!
    Wishing you all the best and thank you for joining in x

  3. IAMLife - thank you. Powerhoses and children, good mix!!

    Tara - thanks to you too!


  4. what a little darling!! Hope your dad is doing well. xx

  5. Ladybird - yes he is thank you, amazingly, but then I never allowed myself to think that he wouldn't. There was a time 2 days post-op when he had a little blip and it felt like the world had been taken away from under my feet. But he's fine. I might post about it later, but it's too soon to have clear thoughts on it! -HMx


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