From Baby Einstein to Spongebob Squarepants - a history of a tot's TV trash

Elf has a new favourite TV programme.

Spongebob Squarepants. Until now, I thought it was some awful cartoon. And I'm wrong. Well it is an awful cartoon but it is harmless and quite funny actually. Elf does laugh when he watches it. And sings the theme tune. 

I asked myself the question - how many favourites has he had so far?

Baby Einstein - OK this was really my favourite, you know when you needed to take that shower, or that call, you felt safe leaving them in the hands of all those odd creatures in the Baby Neptune one. Well it's educational right? Anything which has pictures of moving toys and background classical music has got to be educational! My only bugbear - it used to say OCEAN and I'd say NO IT'S THE SEA. I used to shout at it. Moving swiftly on....

Bob the Builder - the staple (pun intended) of any tot's telly timetable (Elf's dad has just criticised me as stapling isn't associated with building - whatever)

Fireman Sam - or Firemum Sam as Elf called it - was I wrong to fancy Helicopter Tom?

In the Night Garden - I do miss that after a hard day's work. My old friend CWB knew one of the Tombliboos and if you knew what HE knew about him, you wouldn't be so keen for your little one to be desperate to watch Night Garden every night!

Fimbles - yes I didn't quite understand that one either.

Numberjacks - wasn't the Number Taker scary?

Waybuloo - Elf was a bit too old for this, but obsessed all the same

Backyardigans - took me ages to work out the premise of the show. (Pals meet in joint back garden and act out some fantasy or other usually involving an Egyptian queen and a quest for 3 things.) Very educational, and I'm not joking.

Ben 10 - a bit new for us and we're still learning. So that alien is Ben right?

Clone Wars - obsessed with Star Wars and now the half-hour cartoon. Too many guns though eh?

And we're back to Spongebob. What are your kids' (and your!) favourite programmes? Do you enjoy any more than they do? Do you (wrongly) fancy any characters?!


  1. My two went mad over all of these at one point or another but now we're all Ben 10 and Hannah Montana (which I secretly like - I know all the songs lol)

    While I'm here, I have a confession.....

    I forgot all about a giveway I did so I never drew the winners ;-(

    I just remembered though and have jst done the draw and you were one of the winners so if you let me have your address I'll post the prize over to you.

    Sorry for the delay - I need some sort of reminder system lol

  2. I can't sing along to Hannah can I? Shame. Wow! I won, now what was it? Having a senior moment... OK just checked the reward chart. Excellent, will start in my new house (moving v v soon)thank you. -HMx

  3. So funny, I used to like Tilly Tot & Tiny because they occasionally spoke French & Rosie and Jim a calming programme, adventures on a barge. Can’t say any one was hot though !

  4. Drugs don't workTuesday, July 20, 2010

    Personally I am a Handy Manny fan, I like his accent, could listen to it all day and he's got a very fetching moustache. And you know what they say about moustaches. Or is that beards? Should I be putting this in a children's blog?

  5. Marvellous MartinTuesday, July 20, 2010

    I like Dogtanion and the 3 muskahounds late 80s early 90s...

  6. Merlot: lamenting the loss of hot children's tv presenters!

    Drugs: Never heard of Hanny Manny!

    Marvellous: I'm too old for that!

  7. Ha ha... My hubby and I often find ourselves sitting watching kids TV before realising that our little one is off playing elsewhere. How does that happen?

    Her fav's thou are Charlie and Lola (prob my fave too ;-)), Roary the racing car, and Noddy. Noddy has been a fave for years now, although hubby and I find it slightly irritating.. Is Noddy Gay???

    I have to confess thou I quite fancy Sportacus from Lazy town... Ooo tight lycra round those muscles.... Surely I'm not alone?

    Mind you I do recall a conversation sometime ago, when Humdrum's partner, G confessed to liking Stephanie... and so did hubby!!! Is this legal?

  8. anon- Apparently she is over 16! More like 20 now I think. Better than fancying Trixie?! -HMx

  9. Used to be Yo Gabba Gabba & Curious George all the time....then...Dora, Diego (my munchkin is constantly "saving animals")....the latest -- Word Girl -- it is all she really watches and actually funny for the parents...but after the millionth viewing -- i am going nuts! yeah - i just made up millionth...

  10. Thinking back now I was a fan of the boyish programmes like Bravestar and Thundercats when I was younger; I used to have a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles t-shirt that I wore until it fell apart

    Marvellous Martin - weren't you at secondary school when Dogtanion was on?? ; D


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